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Leftovers From Around the World: Bread

I have this theory that many traditional/regional dishes actually started out as leftovers or scraps, and generally include ingredients that were readily available, prepared in a routine way, to avoid waste and occasionally to save time. People didn’t always have such easy

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Main Dish Stuffed Mushrooms  

An impressive-looking dish, this is a quick recipe for a light but satisfying meal for two. You could easily adjust it to serve more people for a starter or party nibbles by using smaller mushrooms, and not piling too much

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Using Food ‘Donations’

I think I have a bit of a reputation. I’m not sure what it is, but it results in people giving me food I haven’t asked for. Often, it is leftovers following a visit to my mother-in-law. Sometimes, it is

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Squash Soup

A lush, thick, satisfying meal any time of the year. Last week, I noticed that the very last three of my small winter squashes were languishing in the bottom of the pantry, so I baked them all up to go with

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Pancakes with Pheasant

picture of rolled and garnished savoury pancakes

I love making pancakes for supper. Because I start with my mom’s recipe, from the card I copied out when I was 18, it always makes me think of ‘home’, although my pancakes never turn out like Mom’s anymore. Maybe

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Healthy Pork Pie

This recipe is designed for using up scrappy bits of leftover roast dinner, and is brilliant on a cold day. By taking advantage of  ramekins, you can make up as many (or few) individual portions as you wish. My ramekins are

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Planned leftovers with Ham

I haven’t written about planned leftovers in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about them. Yes, I think about possibilities for leftovers when I’m working on my menu, but I also think about them when I go to

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Edible Packaging: part two

Last week when I wrote about the virtues of eating the skins and peels of fruit and vegetables, I left out one of the most important things: taste. Friends have reminded me that foods often taste better with their peels, which of

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Chorizo Stuffed Sweet Peppers

On the theme of stuffing vegetables, this recipe can be made with all fresh or some leftover ingredients–and eating pepper skins isn’t too controversial. I first discovered chorizo in France, at a small Arab deli in our neighbourhood where the staff had

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Parsnip Cheese Bake

A winter warmer that can be a homely main course for two, or an attractive side dish for four. The somewhat sweet flavour of the parsnips is balanced by the warm ginger in the leeks and the sharp contrast of

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