Planned Leftovers with Belly Pork

Surely you knew this was coming? (See yesterday’s chat and recipe for Roasted Belly Pork if you need a reminder.) Picture of belly pork being carved

In addition to working on clearing out the freezer (still!) prior to a big defrosting job, I’m also working on clearing out half-empty jars from the fridge, not to mention the cool pantry where I store squashes etc from the allotment for the winter. Spring is here with its changeable weather, and the stored foods need to be used up, both because they are beginning to look tired and to make room for new-season produce. It’s a perfect week for leftovers. 🙂

Day one:  Roasted belly pork (generous portions), oven roasted harvest vegetable medley (from the pantry), homemade ginger applesauce (from the freezer), steamed green beans (from the freezer).

Day two:  Simple oven reheating in one pan: leftover belly pork portions (average sized), leftover harvest medley, (previously) leftover parsnip; creamy ginger leeks. (The crackling is still crisp in this menu.)

Day three: Quick stove-top casserole of fresh eggplant and canned tomatoes flavoured with garlic and oregano and chunky leftover belly pork pieces steamed on top; served over pasta; topped with parmesan cheese. (The crackling isn’t crisp here, but the eggplant loves to soak up the flavours from the fat, so it’s a compromise. Also I was pressed for time this day.)

Day four: Stir fried cauliflower leaves, leeks and carrot, thin sliced leftover belly pork reheated in the (very hot, dry) wok, steamed mixed rice, home-made sweet and sour applesauce. (The crackling is lovely and crisp in this one.)

Day five: Stone soup–using remaining leftover harvest medley (it was an extra big batch) and the last scraps of belly pork, fresh mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower cores, stock from the freezer. (Crackling? No scraps of that left.)

I'm an American living in the UK, combining rural Mid-west ideas about food with a suburban coastal British reality. It's fun!

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6 comments on “Planned Leftovers with Belly Pork
  1. Him says:

    I like the idea of *planning* for leftovers–but I really like the idea of calling a meal “stone soup.”

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  2. I love meal plans like that!!! Always so handy and in the long run save time!

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  3. Fairy says:

    Great planning. When you mentioned last season’s stored vegetables, I was instantly transported to a lunch of vegetable ‘pizzas’ in the late summer sunshine. 🙂

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