Planned Leftovers From Fish

Yes, really! Last weekend while window shopping with an out-of-town guest in our nearby sea-side village, we passed the fishmonger’s. Proudly on display were the fist sewin of the season. Sewin is a kind of trout that behaves a lot like salmon, and is similar in size. When cooked, the flesh is lovely and pink, but tastes like the trout it is, so is much lighter in flavour than salmon. Because the sewin season is short, we didn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity to buy a whole one even though we couldn’t possibly use it all in the immediate future.

Planning my leftovers already, I had the fishmonger gut the fish, cut the main body into steaks, fillet the tail, and give me the tail bones and the head so I could make stock. (When you buy whole fish, they weigh the whole thing first and charge you for that, no matter how you then have them prepare it for you, so I take as much as I can home.) Very kindly, he packed the stock making bits separately. As soon as we got home, I selected the steaks I wanted to use for Sunday dinner and set them aside. The rest of the steaks and the tail fillets got packed into meal-sized freezer bags. I also chose to freeze the stock making parts for now, since I wouldn’t have time to make stock over the holiday weekend.

Although I’ve arranged it this time so that my fish leftovers can be made any time, I often prepare a whole medium to large fish one day, with a couple of follow-up meals in mind. Here’s a typical selection:

Day one: Grilled or baked whole fish (depending on species/size), boiled potatoes, steamed fresh beet greens.

Day two: Fish pie made from biggish pieces of leftover fish and mashed leftover potatoes, boiled whole beets (yes, the bottoms from those tops on day one).

Day three: Fish curry made from scrappy bits of fish and fresh vegetables. Served over rice made using fish stock.

Also: If you have enough leftover fish, you can also make fish salad sandwiches in the same way you would use canned tuna.

I made this fish pie with a white fleshed fish:

Picture of heat-shaped fish pie

baked in a heart-shaped cake pan for fun

I'm an American living in the UK, combining rural Mid-west ideas about food with a suburban coastal British reality. It's fun!

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3 comments on “Planned Leftovers From Fish
  1. Mom says:

    Fish, pie! Super idea! My latest ‘new’ idea was using a bit of leftover smoked mullet thoroughly mixed with softened cream cheese. It made a nice spread for a snack or sandwich filling.

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  2. You know I’ve got Grandma’s old Florida Extension service cookbook for fish. Lots more ideas in there, too.


  3. […] my first post about fish leftovers, which included some serious advance planning to use a large, banquet sized fish which could […]


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